Kejing factory branch was founded in the 1980s, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province. In 2002, due to resource integration development needs of the company, Kejing Moved to Foshan city, Guangdong Province. We have more than 30 years experience in lace accessories R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, our customers all over the world in dozens of countries and regions, and we are one of the largest companies exporting apparel lace accessories in China. High quality products and excellent service help us to win high evaluation from customers, but also win the quolification of national high-tech enterprises and many patents.

Kejing developed rapidly. Our plant area expanded from 5,000 square meters to 14,000 square meters, the staff increased from 50 to more than 100 people, the office expanded from 200 square meters to 1,000 square meters. In order to meet customer's needs, sufficient production machinery was purchased. Such as crochet machine 80 sets, shaft code printer machine 70 sents, computerized embroidery machine 12 sets, cloud shed jacquard machine 30 sets, warp knitting machine 2 set, double stitches machine 5 sets, more than 15 sets Taiwan velvet machine, light shuttleless machine 68 sets, etc.

KEJING has an outstanding product R&D team, and with a number of product R&D institutions, we can provide customized product solutions according to customers' demand. 

KEJING own a number of production plants, and good cooperation with dozens of production factory, we integrate the best resources to our partners, we have perfect quality management system, our strict quality standards won the good reputation in the market, the company has "KEJING" brand is synonymous with high quality, we have a mature logistics network, customers can enjoy a safe, efficient and economic logistics solutions. We provide 7 x 24 hours of online service throughout the year.

Kejing continue to optimize the sales teams, not only the quality of personnel and professional degrees have been further improved, the team is continually expanding, on the other hand, our R & D team is also constantly innovating, we believe our products and services will become even better, all in, all win!


Kejing Big Notes
In 2002, the establishment of crystal lace factory, mainly in the domestic, the main equipment for crochet machine;
2005, the leased plant for its own plant, the practical area of 5000 square meters;
In 2007, the introduction of imported shaft code machine 48 sets, 35 sets of circular knitting machines; the introduction of large-scale dyeing equipment 10 sets;
In 2010. Our name change into Foshan City Nanhai Kejing Lace Co.,Ltd, we got independent export rights.
2015, the new production plant, the company increased the utility area to 12000; and the introduction of computer embroidery machine 6 sets, 40 sets of shuttleless jacquard warp knitting machine 1, double needle machine 3;
2016, the establishment of R & D department, the company expects sales target of $20 million.

Development History

In March 2002, founder capital building established city of the South China Sea water, KEJING lace factory, and officially launched operations, the company has been Bingzhe "technology driven development, innovation to lead the trend, crystal, all are brave innovation, pioneering everything were the future," the purpose, is committed to to provide first-class products and service for customers, then our equipment only 50 sets of crochet machine, as well as simple dyeing equipment, annual sales reached 300 million dollars;

2003 employees increased to 50 people and for many domestic brand customers provide quality lace products and services, won the praise of customers, to become the exclusive supplier of a number of well-known brand, annual sales reached $350 million.

2006, according to the needs of the company's operations, the newly built more than 5000 square meters of plant, and increase the cotton machine equipment more than 30 units, annual sales reached about 5000000 dollars;

In 2007, the company further increase investment, the purchase of Taiwan shaft code machine equipment more than 70 units, the composition of the shaft code shop, to further optimize the plant variety, so that the plant diversity, then annual sales reached about 6000000 dollars;

In 2008 to December 2014, the functions and working process of the company constantly optimize the purchasing department, production department, the Ministry of shipping departments, business from the domestic extended to overseas development, provide high-quality lace products for customers in many North American, Europe, South America, and to the customer to provide quality service to provide a more solid foundation, annual sales reached $10 million;

In 2015, the rapid development of the company, factory area 5000 square meters from the expanded to 12000 square meters, staff from more than 50 people increased to more than 100 people, office from 200 square meters expanded to 1000 square meters, production equipment added computer embroidery machine 6 sets, 10 sets of cloud shuttle jacquard machine, warp knitting machine 1 Taiwan, double needle machine 3 sets, velvet machine more than 10 Taiwan, light shuttleless machine 20 sets, heavy shuttleless machine 10 sets, on the old machine for upgrading, set up independent dyeing factory, and set up a research and development team, annual sales reached more than 12 million dollars;

In 2016, annual sales target of more than 20 million dollars; in order to provide customers with better services, companies on the one hand, in terms of the sales team to optimize, personnel quality and professional degree have been further improved, the team also continues to expand, on the other hand, our R & D team also in constant innovation, I believe our future will be more and more successful, go all out, the people and win-win!

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