QA Department


Quality insurance, via set up and maintain quality control system, to ensure the product quality without any problem. QA is satisfy the customers requirement, provide trusty, let the customer believe your product can satisfies his requirement. It needs start from the market research, judge the customer requirement, product development, accept order and material purchasing and inspect, production control and deliver, after service etc. Every process leave evidence, to ensure the every step of the factory is based on the requirement of customers.

QC Department

It is the skill and action to make sure the product quality. It includes inspect, repair and feedback. For example QC find the reject and pick it out, and then feedback the information to the relevant department, make the improvement. So the QC control escape is mainly within the factory, aim at prevent rejects pass all the process and delivery, to ensure high quality and only deliver good quality product to the customer.

Research & Development Department

Our Research and Development Department keeps track of the latest fashion trends in order to design up to date and innovative products within the international market. Enables our products to fit customers ' preferences, it also hosts meetings with garment manufacturers and apparel brand designers in developing new designs and technical advancements.


After years of precipitation, and Development Department of tireless efforts, we has has at least 3000 paragraph above of products, each paragraph products are has different of features, can mixed different of material, also can dye different of color, each to visit we Hall of customer, are can in which found they wants to of products, also has many of customer select we as they OEM products of only suppliers, we of strength in here, welcomes you to sample Advisory.

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