2 inch high tenacity polyester jacquard woven webbing tape

This is a thick polyester webbing, it has a clear pattern, strong construction, and strong toughness. The nylon webbing color collocation is excellent, and suitable for all kinds of clothing and shoulder bag straps, its colors are diverse and bright. We can customize webbing of different widths and thicknesses for you. We can also customize other designs for you. After you are satisfied with our sample, we will carry on mass production. Please leave a message.


We currently mainly produce nylon webbing straps, decorative webbing, clothing webbing, furniture webbing, dog collar webbing, etc. According to the shape and weaving method, our heavy-duty polyester or nylon webbing straps are divided into woven webbing, heavy webbing, knitted webbing, embroidered webbing, and jacquard webbing, etc. Our customized polyester or nylon webbing is OEKO certificate and SGS certificate, in line with various standards.

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